On #halloween Ghost Shack Children will Dance for #inktober

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#inktober Owl Dinner

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Masked Sasquatch for #inktober

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Warg visions of #inktober crow

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Smoking Stork

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Summer Time Ilo for a coloring/activity zine.

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Dog with a hat Skull Edition

A little skull edition dog with hat

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Digital Dog head illustration

Here’s a hat dog I made last night.

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Here’s another one, 2 weeks later… These are fun. I mostly wear the same clothes, so it’s hard to keep it interesting.

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I’m going to start doing some of these…Though I mostly wear the same stuff every day. Inspired by the Style Journal Tumblr Blog

Those are actually Chukka Low’s not Authentics… whoops.

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I got to work on this animation by @jordanbruneryesplease and it was fun. Enjoy!

9 months ago

Colored that #drawing so it could be a sticker.

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Little fox skull #drawing for a possible book contribution

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A Happy Halloween #drawing for all you fine people dressing up tonight.

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